Your Problem Might Be Leaky Ducts – Not Your Furnace or AC!

As an HVAC contractor, we are devoted to three things:

  • Your absolute comfort.
  • Total integrity.
  • Making sure we’re solving the real problem.

We have seen many customers who think their HVAC systems are broken, in need either of a repair or a replacement. Sometimes the answer is “neither.” The problem may be ductwork in your house, the network of tubes that carries heated or cooled air through your home, so you can enjoy whatever temperature you set your thermostat to.

Ducts can develop leaks, holes, and a variety of other issues.

Where do duct leaks come from?

Small duct leaks always exist unless the ducts have been treated with AerosealĀ®. As this sealant is a recent technology many homes have inefficient ductwork that loses up to 30% of its energy from the moment it is installed in the house.

But over time, larger duct leaks can appear because of:

  • The natural deterioration of the materials they’re made from.
  • Rodents in the walls or attics, chewing through the ducts.
  • Old-school sealants which dry or crack over time.
  • Exposed duct work can take damage from any number of sources.

If you do any DIY work on your home, you might also have accidentally damaged your ducts during various projects.

Signs of a duct leak

While we are happy to diagnose the problem with your system these signs point to duct leaks, not HVAC issues, as the prime culprit for any problems you may be experiencing with your AC or furnace.

  • Some rooms are hot, others are freezing. Uneven heating and cooling is almost always the result of some kind of duct problem.
  • You feel like you’re living inside a dust bunny, and no amount of dusting seems to get rid of that fine, grey film settling over every surface of your house.
  • Some rooms feel stuffy and uncomfortable, no matter what you do.
  • Your utility bills have skyrocketed even though you haven’t done anything differently lately.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about diagnosing your own system if you aren’t sure. Air-It is happy to diagnose both your system and your ducts to find out what the best course of action is.

Don’t DIY it

You might be tempted to just tighten up loose ducts and grab a sealant from the local hardware store instead of calling us to address your duct problems. Hey, we get it, everyone wants to save money.

But your sealant won’t be as effective, there are dozens of hard-to-reach and hidden spaces you may never get to, and remember, even perfect ductwork leaks a little without the benefit of our duct sealing services. Our duct repair and sealing services are an affordable way to keep your energy bills low, too.

Why not call and get a free estimate so you can see if the numbers make sense?

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